2020 Reading List

Here are all the books I read in 2020 in the order in which I read them. Some I liked and some I didn’t. I’ve put an asterisk next to the ones that stood out and that I think might be worth your time.

The lockdown accounts for the greater number of books read this year.

I read all of Robin Steven’s ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series, partly to inform my own writing for children and partly because the books gave me the same feeling as I had when I was a child and got lost in a series. I’ve only asterisked the first one but take that as a recommendation for the whole series.

Joan Bodger’s ‘How the Heather Looks’ was a charity shop buy but its a charming account of her family’s tour around the UK in the 1950s, visiting the places that inspired classics of children’s literature.

RhysThomasThe Unlikely Heroics of Sam Holloway
Andrew MichaelHurleyStarve Acre*
KateGriffinKitty Peck and the The Child of Ill Fortune
JoeHillStrange Weather
HakanNesserHour of the Wolf
JohnIrvingThe Cider House Rules
SueEaton (ed)The Corona Book of Ghost Stories
CharlesPortisTrue Grit*
OttoPenzler (ed)Pulp Fiction: The Villains
BenAaronovitchFalse Value
AdrianMcKintyThe Chain
GillyMacmillanThe Perfect Girl
PaulTremblayGrowing Things
DavidMitchellCloud Atlas
JefferyDeaverThe Kill Room
EsiEdugyanHalf Blood Blues
GarthNixShade’s Children
JohnLe CarreThe Mission Song
JefferyDeaverThe Cutting Edge
PatrickNessThe Crane Wife
PenelopeLivelyMoon Tiger
MattHaigThe Humans*
RamseyCampbellThe Wise Friend
MattHaigThe Radleys
SarahMossBodies of Light
JeanetteWintersonThe Gap of Time
PatrickGaleFriendly Fire
Mendlesohnand JamesA Short History of Fantasy
AnthonyBourdainKitchen Confidential
JoanBodgerHow The Heather Looks*
PeterH√łegMiss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow
JohnLahrCoward The Playwright
KimNewmanLife’s Lottery*
AndrewPyperThe Demonologist*
Joe R.LansdaleLost Echoes
ShaunHamillA Cosmology of Monsters
MattHaigHow to Stop Time
AndrewPyperThe Killing Circle
StephenKingIf it Bleeds
RobinStevensMurder Most Unladylike*
RobinStevensArsenic for Tea
Laurie R.KingThe Marriage of Mary Russell
KateAtkinsonEmotionally Weird
K.J.ParkerHow to Rule an Empire and Get Away With It
RobinStevensFirst Class Murder
BarbaraHamblyThe Rainbow Abyss
Laurie R.KingA Monstrous Regiment of Women
JoanBodgerThe Crack in the Teacup
ChristopherIsherwoodThe World in the Evening
BarbaraHamblyMagicians of the Night
KateAtkinsonBehind the Scenes at the Museum
RobinStevensJolly Foul Play
AndreaStewartThe Bone Shard Daughter
TimothyParker Russell (ed)Dark World – Ghost Stories
RobinStevensMistletoe and Murder
NinaStibbeReasons to be Cheerful
GradyHendrixThe Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires
JacksonFordThe Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind
NinaAllanThe Doll Maker*
RobinStevensDeath in the Spotlight
KellyLinkGet in Trouble
MattHaigThe Midnight Library
GarthNixThe Left-Handed Booksellers of London
RobinStevensTop Marks for Murder
CharlesStrossThe Atrocity Archives
KellyLinkPretty Monsters*
RobinStevensDeath Sets Sail
RichardChizmar (ed)The Best Of Cemetary Dance
VeronicaRothChosen Ones