I Am All Stories 5

This is nearly the final bit of this story. Read it here: Part 5 of Andrew's Story

I think there needs to be one or two more paragraphs One is Andrew and Viv as a middle aged couple, walking in the same park where Andrew played with their daughter when she was young. I think it needs it for balance, to be a measure of the length of his successful relationship with Viv, and to establish that Megan grows up and leaves home. But it needs to go quite early on in the text.

Then I could have something about Viv’s death but I’m not sure if that is necessary and it might just make it a bit too gloomy.

I also need to make a decision about the end. This is my original ending: Andrew's Story - unsatisfactory ending. But I don’t think it works. It feels self consciously quirky rather than actually making sense. So that’s my last job, to sort out an ending. And to think of a title!