I Am All Stories 2

After writing my first bit of response I thought about what it was. There were a few questions that occurred to me.

I didn’t know what it was I was writing. A short story? A piece of free writing? Bicycling at night with only two lights really happened. Me and my friend Kevin did that when we were teenagers. You pillage your own life for detail.

There seemed to be some evocative images in the first bit of writing: the clock striking, the feeling of flying. In the end I wrote a second piece in response to the first. Part Two of Andrew's story.

So instead of answering my questions I hust build them into the next bit of writing! I’m still not sure where this is heading but maybe that’s the point of this exercise. I don’t have to know what this is. Most of the time I write something and I know what it is: it’s either a story or an essay or a script or a novel. But I don’t have to do that here. It can be anything.

But freedom is double edged. you can end up with nothing because you don’t know where you’re heading. But that’s OK too…