I Am All Stories 4

Here is the next section of writing. Three paragraphs that dot around in time. Click here to read it: Part 4 of Andrew's Story

Reading through them again there seems to be too many instances of clocks striking three. It could get a bit obvious if that happens in too many sections. Or perhaps it should happen in every section, so it becomes a life put together from moments that happen at 3pm, a bit like One Day. But my instinct is that that would become a bit clonky and monotonous, since the moments are all just a paragraph long. So I’ll either edit 3pm out of one of these, or maybe insert another section in between.

When it isn’t linear you come up against the question of what to include and what not to include. Of course the same question occurs when you’re writing something linear, you still have to decide what’s important. But then you can just write from beginning to end and then cut out things that are superfluous: the structure is predetermined. Here I’m having to decide what to include and what to leave out as I write, because I’m creating the structure as I go. It’s also a question of how much work I want the reader to have to do. I hope it’s going to be fairly clear what order the events happen in, even if the reader encounters them in a non chronological way. I don’t want it to be just confusing.